BMU-SPOC1: Training and Instructional Design Team Foundations Course


Kiran Budhrani

Instructional Design Consultant

Kiran is currently an Ed.D. student and graduate research assistant at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. She is also an author, former assistant professor, instructional designer and consultant. Her professional interests revolve around the worlds of eLearning, EduTech, Instructional Design, Curriculum, and Leadership.


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This course was designed for members of Brady Manila’s Training and Instructional Design Teams. It provides a forest view of the team’s purpose, processes, and general philosophy in designing and delivering effective training for adults in the workplace.

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Competency Learning Outcome

Learning Competencies and Outcomes

You are expected to demonstrate the following skills upon completing the course:

C1: Knowledge of Brady Training Philosophy Gain an overarching view of the training team’s purpose, processes, and philosophy
C2: Knowledge of Adult Learning Theory Understand how adults learn, retain, and forget information








Course Outputs

You are expected to create:

  1. Team Activity: Training Glossary (50 points)
  2. Team Activity: Training Process Diagram (50 points)
  3. Solo Activity: Adult Learning Graphic (50 points)
  4. Solo Activity: Presentation on ID Trends (50 points)

Course Evaluation

Solo Activities                        35%
Team Activities                       35%
Discussions                            30%

Total                                      100%

Course content

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