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Blow His Mind! Fellatio 101 Workshop

Online Educator Training 

This self-paced course was designed to teach you how to best educate your audience in a compelling and entertaining way. We recommend completing 1 chapter (takes about an hour) per week for four weeks, then schedule your 1:1 success coaching call to address any questions you may have after listening to the live calls.

Over the duration of this training, we will cover:

1. Preparing for your Workshop: We'll review the three most essential parts of the workshop and tips for success, plus you'll get access to customizable materials and resources needed to deliver a stellar workshop.

2. Penis Anatomy for Pleasure: You'll learn how to give an interesting and in-depth tour of the penis and penile anatomy for pleasure plus advice to give students about communication, enthusiastic consent and preparing for the job and setting the mood. 

3. 7 Key Ingredients + Product Placement Training: Teach your students the keys to giving great fellatio every time plus learn about all of the products typically used for this presentation.

4.  Fellatio Tricks + Tips: Learn 20 tricks and techniques to teach your students that will help them get the job done faster (and help you sell more products!), plus we'll cover frequently asked questions, and local resources that can support you!



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