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Welcome to Blockchain Intro + Workshop! This reference material is free to use.
NOTE: there are still many ToDo:s, but the material will progress rapidly.

To join online course and sessions, see details and enroll here. Course starts on 1-Nov-2016 (late registration is an option, ask mikko.valjakka[] Some sections are available for online course only. 

Sinua voi kiinnostaa myös Pilvisovellusten tuotanto HTML5+REST

Online course 1-Nov-2016..28-Mar-2017

Intro (4 online sessions) - audience: all. Available also separately.

  1. Intro to Blockchains: 7 aspects.
  2. Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin
  3. Ethereum + Smart Contracts. Cases
  4. Guests

Workshop (10 online sessions) - audience: requires programming knowledge

Build blockchains in a sandbox (Multichain + Ethereum). Build basic applications with JavaScript.
Learn about required technologies. Assignments + project work.

Requirements: open mind, a laptop or tablet/mobile, online connection
                        please view WebEx homesite for extra requirements. No camera required.


Course content

  • 2016: Program, session recordings, presentations (password)

  • Introduction to blockchains

  • A technical introduction to Bitcoin

  • Introduction to Ethereum

  • Create a private blockchain using Multichain (upd. 12-Dec)

  • Fintech notes Feb-21

  • HTML5 applications (updated 26-Oct)

  • JavaScript in brief (updated 21-Oct)

  • AJAX + REST (updated 26-Oct) (to do)

  • jQuery

  • Node.js in brief (updated 21-Oct) (to do)

  • Bitcoin JSON-RPC api + Node.js (upd. 18-Oct) (to do)

  • Sample: Loyalty Customer bonus system (24-Jan)

  • Ethereum development from scratch (14-Feb)

  • Ethereum Solidity intro (7-Feb)

  • React.js tutorial 20-Feb

  • Terms & abbreviations

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