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akihiro omori
akihiro omori


Much of the current medical information is available only in English. Therefore, learning science topics in English now will greatly prepare you for advanced coursework. 

This year, the course's science topic is "Biotechnology".

So, what is "biotechnology"? Researchers in engineering, biology, and medicine are combining their knowledge and techniques to create this growing field. 

In this course, you will be able to select an area of biotechnology that you are interested in. Here are some questions that we could discuss in this course.

How does penicillin work to kill infection? 
Why do we take so many vaccines as a child? 
Can we make a whole heart with tissue engineering? 
How do biochips implanted in our body help treat diseases? 
How can we take medicine without needles?
Will genetic testing help us predict whether we will get cancer?
Should we allow human cloning?

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