Biology: Introduction to Enzymes


Andrea Lewis


Literacy and Biology Tutor. Qualified tutor for 5 years and worked with many organisations throughout.


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Within this short course, you will be introduced to Enzymes, how they work, their structure and what makes them so important to our everyday life. This course is self-paced as it is an introductory course, my courses following this will not be self-paced and will have deadlines. You will have both assignments and tests throughout this course but don't panic, you won't be asked to do anything we hadn't already covered throughout the course topics.

Course content

  • What Are Enzymes?

  • Enzymes: Structure

  • Enzymes: Active Transport

  • Osmosis

  • Phagocytosis

  • Lock & Key Theory

  • Induced Fit Theory

  • pH

  • Carbonic Acid

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