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I Course description:

Bible Study allows the Benildeans to experience the faithful, compassionate and loving God as He reveals Himself in the Old Testament and the New Testament. The course deals with the contemporary approaches in reading and understanding the contents and contexts of the Holy Bible according to the light and teachings of the Catholic Church. It covers a brief background of the meaning of revelation and human response in the Old Testament as God’s initial revelation and in the New Testament as God’s revelation in Jesus Christ.

II Learning objectives/outcomes:

III Resources:

IV Assessment criteria:

Midterm + Pre-Final Grade / 2 = Final Grade!

Components of Midterm/Pre-Final Grade

1 Activities /Seat Works /Assignments 50%

2 Quizzes / Projects 25%

3 Major Exams (Midterm / Final) 25%

CP 75% ME 25% = TOTAL 100%

V Course outline:

1. God’s Loving Revelation and Man’s Faithful Response

1.1 Overview

1.2 God's Ultimate Purpose

2. Encountering God’s through the Scriptures

2.1 The Holy Bible: The Old and New Testaments

2.2 Hebrew Bible/ Septuagint

2.3 Biblical Canon

2.4 Doing Biblical Exegesis

2.5 Brief History of Israel

3. Encountering God through the Old Testament

3.1 Torah/ Pentateuch: The First Five Books

3.2 Nebiim (Neviim): The Prophets/Prophetic Books

3.3 Ketubim (Kethuvim): The Writings/Poetry and Wisdom Books


4. Encountering God through the New Testament

4.1 Formation of the Four Gospels Mark; Matthew; Luke-Acts & John

4.2 The Epistles: Pauline/General Letters)

4.3 The Book of Revelation

5. Encountering Jesus of Nazareth in the Gospels

5.1 His Birth, Life & Ministry

5.2 His Parables & Miracles

5.3 His Passion, Death & Resurrection

6. Jesus as the Fulfillment of God’s Loving Revelation

6.1 The Bible in the Life of the Church

6.2 The Relevance of the Bible for Living Today


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