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Caroline Mathew
The course on 'Becoming a Writer' was wonderful. I learnt a lot from the course. I used to write but not so perfectly. I learnt about my weakness and strengths. I came in contact with many others who had the same problems in writing as me. Loved the course a lot. Many times I felt as if I was in a live classroom sharing my views with others.
Ema Hossain


Becoming a writer is a 12-week course for writers of all abilities. It is specifically aimed at people who put off writing, for whatever reason, or who find themselves listening to that inner critic, more than they ought.

Becoming a writer won’t teach you how to write – there are no rules on writing, and how to structure a novel, short story or poem. So if you’re interested in that sort of course, don’t waste your time here. We won’t teach you how to write, and there are plenty of places you can find that support.

You won’t find any shortcuts here. I can’t promise you’ll be published within a year, or to teach you writing tips and secrets so you’ll write a novel every year for as long as live. I can’t promise that you’ll write anything at all very well. But what I’ve found from having followed these practices is that I do write, and that by writing I feel alive, I feel like I’m finally doing something, that I want, and should be doing – apart from baking cookies/ making biryani / copy writing / reviewing someone else’s book (delete as appropriate). What I find is, that I’m no longer putting off, or procrastinating. I’m just writing.

If you’ve got this far – well done! You might be wondering what these  practices are. Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way is one, and Dorothea Brande’s Becoming a Writer is another. You could just go ahead and buy these books and get started already – without this course or without our help. But we hope you’ll consider joining us and helping us to create a shared learning experience.

All we ask is you have regular access to an internet connection and that you attend each session with an open mind. You’ll need to commit around 4-6 hours to this each week, so please don’t apply if you are unable to do this.

What will you learn:

  • a helpful guide and strategy to help you focus on your writing
  • tools to help you unblock
  • exercises to help you reconnect with your creative self

The course will be delivered via email and begins on January 11th. Participation via twitter isn’t mandatory but highly encouraged. The twitter hashtag is #BAWC2016

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