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David McGonagall
First lesson is great!


In this class we will learn about the beasts that surround our world and how to deal with them. This year in particular we will learn about dangerous creatures and little of their history. We will have weekly quizzes, some creative assignments, and a few essays. This is a required class here at Half-Blood United, so you must pass this class with a 90% or higher. I accept no grade below. Why? Because I want you to learn not slack all your classes. This year would be a wonderful time to show your knowledge of the beasts our world holds.


Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Chimera

Lesson 3: Hydra

Lesson 4: Kampê

Lesson 5: Review/test

Lesson 6: Manticore

Lesson 7: Sirens

Lesson 8: Sphinx

Lesson 9: Review ALL/Final test

Course content

  • Introduction to Beasts

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