Базалық негізгі шетел тілі


Бахытжан Торекеев


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        "With the help of technology, teachers will be leaders in the transformation of

education around the world." Craig R. Barrett.

    It is an interesting time for language teachers to use computer technologies in teaching process. As the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev said - we should develop practice of online teaching and create educational television. Kazakhstan's education reform makes new demands on the educational process. The implementation of the cultural project "Trinity of languages", specified in the message of the President of Kazakhstan N.A Nazarbayev calls for an entirely new approach to the teaching of English: a study of it, starting with the initial level of the school and the use of new information technologies.

The introduction and use of new online planform in the teaching of foreign languages ​​allows you to:

-increase the motivation of students to study the subject;

-individualize instructions;

-shape students' intellectual skills and computer skills.

The problem: which is looked upon in our work deals with the fact that in the process of learning a foreign language not all the teachers know how effectively use online planform  to form grammatical skills at English lesson.

The aim of our research is identifying opportunities for the use of online platforms as a means of forming all 4 skills at English lessons. 

Hypothesis: we suppose that if the systematic use of online platform at English lessons, the learning process will be more efficient. We believe that online platform increases the motivation of studying the grammatical subject, creates the conditions for independent work, creates a comfortable learning environment.

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