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Helps me with learning history


This course is designed to help people learn US History.  Do not take this course entirely seriously, because it is not a real class. I just wanted to make a class that helps people learn it. 

Please let me know if this course helped you for your real US History class, be it a High School course or a College course. If it didn't help you, or if it hurt you, please let me know with the reasons why. I understand history can be difficult, and it is my goal to help make it easier for all. 



This course could be used if your not good at history for a supplement course. It does not require much work in terms of assignments, although there are a lot of assignments, i suggest only doing those in which you need help on. Also, i will be taking out several assignments and combining them to other assignments. Most quizzes are less than 20 questions. Tests that i provide will be long and intense. I use questions from Virginia SOL released tests (high school tests that all students in Virginia are required to take to complete graduation requirements) and from actual college material. The tests are harder than the quizzes and assignments. 

There is no cost to this course, so don't worry about your grade! Also, if you need another attempt for an assignment, message me and i can get you set up with another attempt. Most assignments only allow 1 attempt, so be prepared if you are actually trying to quiz yourself. 

Also, i have not finished my college degree in history as of yet, so there may be some false information in this course. If there is, especially if it appears in any assignment, PLEASE let me know. I would hate for you to loose points in your real course due to my mistakes. Also, if I make any Spelling/Grammar mistakes, please also let me know. 


Disclaimer: This course is not responsible for your grade in any course that you may be taking in High School, College, or any other form of schooling. I am not responsible for you failing a course, mainly due to the fact that this course is designed to help you study. If you take too much time with this course and do not allow time for your real course, your grades will suffer. Do not let that happen, and if it does do not blame me. 


1. Pre-America

2. Colonies

3. What led to the Revolution?


4. American Revolution

5. The Constitution

6. Early America


7. Manefest Destiny

8. What led to the American Civil War?

9. The American Civil War

10. Aftermath of the American Civil War


11. The "Indian Wars"

12. Industrial Revolution

13. Progressive Era

14. What led to World War I?

Test 4

15. World War I

16. Aftermath of World War I

17. The Roaring 20's

18. The Great Depression

Test 5

19. The New Deal

20. What led to World War II?

21. World War II

22. Aftermath of World War II. 

Test 6

23.The Cold War and Korea

24. The 1950's

25. The Civil Rights Movement

26. What led to Vietnam War?

27. The Cold War and the Vietnam War

Test 7

28. The Aftermath of Vietnam

29. The Nixon Presidency

30. The Cold War and The Reagan Presidency

31. End of the Cold War

32. The Clinton Administration 

33. The Bush Administration and the War on Terror

Test 8

34. Final Review

Final Exam 



FINAL DISCLAIMER: All lesson material that have links mean that i got the information from those links. I am not implying that i got any of the information in this course from my own private thoughts. 

Course content

  • Lesson 1: Pre-America

  • Lesson 2: Colonies

  • Lesson 3: What led to the Revolution?

  • Test 1 helpful study guides

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