Bianca Castro


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Welcome to Basic Pastry.  I am Miss. Bianca, the intructor of Basic Pastry.  


Program Description:

This is a course about the basic concepts and processes about pastry in which the

students are going to learn this basic concept and processes to be able to put it in

practice and create delicious Cakes and Cookies. From the tools that they need to bake

a cake or cookies to the creation and decoration of them.


I am excited about the opportunity to invite you to join this course and and learn about basic concepts about baking.  We are available 24/7 around the world.   

I look forward to interacting with each of you soon. Enjoy the course

Miss. Bianca

Course content

  • Aims of This course

  • Syllabus

  • Introduction to Miss. Bianca

  • Lesson 1: Tools relate to pastry part-A

  • Lesson 1: Tools relate to pastry part- B

  • Lesson 1: Tools relate to pastry part-C

  • Lesson 2: Term relative to baking

  • Lesson 3: Cake Preparation part-A

  • Lesson 3: Cake Preparation part-B

  • Lesson 3: Cake Preparation part-C

  • Lesson 3: Evaluation

  • Lesson 4: Icings part-A

  • Lesson 4: Icings part-B

  • Lesson 4: Evaluation

  • Lesson 5: Decoration part-A

  • Lesson 5: Decoration part-B

  • Lesson 5: Decoration part-C

  • Lesson 5: Decoration part-D

  • Final evaluation

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