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The CSC aims to integrate competencies in human resource systems of government agencies, not only in recruitment but also in training and employee development. The Competency-Based Learning and Development Program (CBLDP) directly addresses the problem of competency gaps. It operates under the competency-based L&D framework, an approach that uses competencies as the standards against which employee development needs are assessed and priorities are set against the need of the organization. CBLDP utilizes competencies as the foundation for designing targeted programs with learning outcomes that directly link to the competency requirements.


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This course is created by the Talent Development Division of the Office for Human Resource Management and Development (OHRMD), as part of their blended learning initiative.  The content of this course is intended to be used by the employees and officials of the Philippine Civil Service Commission. 

As an initial offering, the Basic Orientation Course for E-Learners (BOCE) is a self-paced 30-minute course which aims to equip the CSC employees and officials with the basics of this innovative learning approach. It will also provide a clear understanding of the benefits that they can get with e-learning as well as the basic tutorial on how to take classes through this platform. 

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