Ryan Duemonte


Ryan Duemonte is a young professional with a passion for education and teaching. He believes that the best way of giving back to society is to pass on knowledge through education. This had motivated him to enter the School of Nursing, Port of Spain General Hospital with the desire of becoming an educator. He graduated from the school of Nursing in the year 2009 with a Diploma in General Nursing. He is presently employed as a Registered Nurse at the Port of Spain General Hospital for the past six years His love for knowledge continued as he is a graduate of the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) in the year 2014, receiving a bachelor’s degree in education with specialization in primary education. His ultimate goal is to reform the education of nursing in Trinidad and Tobago.


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The  Home Care course was developed by the Trinidad and Tobago Registered Nursing Academy and has been in existence for a number of years. The course can be done at the basic and advanced level.  It targets persons who are presently caring for the sick- particularly the elderly and wants to gain some form of qualification. It also target persons who are interested in working in health care. 

The course introduces students to a wide range of topics in First Aid, Fundamental Nursing Skills, The Human Body, Communication, Intro. to Sociology, Health and Wellness, to name a few. 
The course is usually run in two cycles per year. The first cycle starts in February and ends in June and second cycle starts in September and ends in December yearly. 

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