Basic Duties and Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards


Rose Kaser


A native of Puebla Mexico, Rose Kaser graduated with a BS, and an LCC in Communications, Specializing in Mass Media, which prepared her for work in commercial radio broadcasting and production, in both Mexico and New York City. Since her move to Seattle over a decade ago, Rose has worked at Seattle University where she enjoys the opportunity to transform and enrich lives through education. Rose is dedicated to merging her love of education with board membership, providing an alternative, affordable, and professional 21st century learning methodology, to benefit the nonprofit community and the sector as a whole.

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Aren Kaser


Serving as a board member for a nonprofit organization is a labor of love, a challenging yet rewarding volunteer opportunity.

Being elected as a board member is an honor vested with many important responsibilities, a call to do diligent work to support an organization and advance a mission that has many potential beneficiaries and great community impact. Board members are expected to dedicate a significant amount of time, skill, and resources but above all, they must hold themselves accountable to fully understand the responsibilities they have committed to fulfill.  

"Having clarity about what your role is and how you are going to succeed at that role is important for everyone, because we all like to be successful in things we do" Nancy Long, 501 Commons, 2015

Over the course of this module you will learn the crucial role you play in your organization's governance at the board and individual level.

You will learn:

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