Murphy Okpala

Senior Pastor

Pastor Murphy Okpala is the Co-founder and Senior Pastor of The Cornerstone Church, located in Trans-Ekulu, Enugu, Nigeria.


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The Basic Bible Course is a 10-week long intense 1-hour teaching of the basic tenets of Christianity.

The purpose of the course is to equip people with basic tools from the scriptures in order to live effectively as Christians in the society. We highly recommend these classes for every believer -whether you just gave your life to Jesus Christ or you got born-again 20 years ago! 

A Certificate of Participation will be given upon successful completion of this course.

*P.S: This is NOT a mere religious discuss because the Bible will come alive to you. Enroll only if you're genuinely hungry to know God for yourself.



  • MODULE 1: Understanding the Bible
  • MODULE 2: The Salvation Experience
  • MODULE 3: The New Birth & the New Creation
  • MODULE 4: Understanding the Kingdom of God
  • MODULE 5: What it means to have Faith in God
  • MODULE 6: Justification, Sanctification and Righteousness
  • MODULE 7: The Holy Spirit
  • MODULE 8: Baptisms in the Holy Spirit
  • MODULE 9: Understanding Prayer
  • MODULE 10: Agape LOVE

Course content

  • What to Expect

  • BBC Module 1: Understanding the Bible

  • BBC Module 2: The Salvation Experience

  • BBC Module 3: The New Birth & The New Creation

  • BBC Module 4: Understanding the Kingdom

  • BBC Module 5: Faith in God

  • BBC Module 6: Justification, Sanctification and Righteousness

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