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 I.         Learning Outcomes

    II.         The Purpose of Alcohol Education

                                              i.     Relating the Subject to College Students

  III.         Defining BAC and Legal Limits

                                              i.     Factors Affecting BAC

                                            ii.     BAC Chart

 IV.         How Alcohol Affects the Human Body

                                              i.     How alcohol is Absorbed

                                            ii.     Alcohol as a Depressant

   V.         Human History with Alcohol

                                              i.     Why Humans Drink Alcohol

                                            ii.     Explaining the Buzzed Feeling

 VI.         Effects of Alcohol

                                              i.     Physical and Behavioral Effects at Varying BAC Levels

                                            ii.     Long-Term and Short-Term Effects

VII.         Conclusion

                                              i.     Advice When Choosing to Drink

                                            ii.     DUI Pledge

Course content

  • Learning Outcomes

  • The Purpose of Alcohol Education

  • Defining BAC and Legal Limits

  • How Alcohol Affects the Human Body

  • Human History with Alcohol

  • Effects of Alcohol

  • Conclusion

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