Jaime Martinez

Professor Jaime Martinez

Creative & passionate professional STEM educator, holds an Arizona CTE Secondary Certificate in Business/Marketing, current community college Adjunct Faculty member specializing in Problem Based Learning modalities, proficient in Saxon Mathematics, and integrates latest technology into curriculum. Engages in timely feedback that supports many learning styles.


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Common Core emphasis in Middle School Pre-Algebra 

7th grade at Arizona Academy of Science, Phoenix Arizona. 


OUTLINE: 8/22/16 to 10/12/16

Quarter 1

7.1.1 Integers and Absolute Value

7.1.2 Adding and Subtracting Integers

7.1.3 Multiplying and Dividing Integers

7.1.4 The Coordinate Plane

7.1.5 Operations with Rational Numbers

7.1.6 Solving Algebraic Expressions with Addition and Subtraction

7.1.7 Solving Algebraic Expressions with Multiplication and Division

7.1.8 Solving Two-Step Algebraic Expressions

7.1.9 Solving Inequalities

7.1.10 Ratios and Rates

7.1.11 Proportions

7.1.12 Writing and Solving Proportions

7.1.13 Slope

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