Autism Training - Teachers, Social and Community Workers


Andrew Broom

Training Consultant

I have more than a decade's experience in the disability and broader community sector in a variety of roles. I have trained and managed staff in community and disability services as well as worked hands on with people on the autism spectrum. My employment has been in Tasmania as well as here in Victoria, the place I have called home since 2000. My style of training delivery is intended to be straightforward and respectful, and I aim to engage all learners across a spectrum of roles, responsibilities and backgrounds. Adults always undertake training with a range of life experiences and knowledge already in place, and I hope that by undertaking our courses you will come away with some practical tips and ideas that add to your knowledge and skill-set to further engage with the people you work with.


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Welcome to SASI's Autism e-learning course!

The course contains learning on:

  • What is autism
  • Recognising the characteristics of autism
  • Co-existing conditions or comorbidities (mental health, AOD, ADHD,OCD, epilepsy, auditory processing challenges)
  • How individuals with an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) may encounter services/how autism may be present in your setting
  • Duty of care vs dignity of risk
  • Practical tips and strategies - supporting your practice as well as supporting others such as parents and families

Benefits of the training to you:

  • Increased awareness of autism
  • Learning how autism impacts on your day-to-day interactions
  • Recognising the difference between a meltdown and a tantrum, and what to do (or not do)
  • A host of simple tips, tools, strategies and actions that will make the communication and interaction process much easier for you and the person
  • Knowledge that you can build on or use immediately
  • An opportunity to use a alternative 'lens' of viewing a situation to help you to respond in a different way

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