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Hello students, you may call me either Professor Sands, or just Professor will do. I was born a half-blood in the delightful but rainy state of Washington. Although my stargazing time was limited during the fall, winter, and spring, the summer always provided me with ample time to gaze into the wonders of the cosmos with my trusty telescope. I received my schooling at the Salem institute for Witches and excelled in nearly every subject except for potions. I particularly excelled in Astronomy, Charms, and Arithmacy. I received all O's on my O.W.L.S. except for one E in Potions. I continued all subjects into N.E.W.T. level magic and again received the highest marks in Astronomy, Charms, and Arithmacy. While also receiving notable marks in the other subjects. After turning down the chance to become an auror I went on to teach a university Astronomy class during the second wizarding war. After that I was contacted by Hogwarts to come and teach Astronomy. So here I am.

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Awesome lesson Emily! Love Astronomy now!! <3


In Astronomy Year 1 students will be learning about some of the basics of Astronomy and how it affects us in the wizarding world. This will be an introductory course to prepare students for their future study into more advanced aspects of Astronomy.

Course Outline-

Week 1- What are those things up there? (Introduction)

Week 2- The Sun Song (The sun and stars)

Week 3- It's Getting Hot in Here (Mercury and Venus)

Week 4- Home Sweet Home (Earth and Mars)

Week 5- Watch out There! (The Asteroid Belt) (Mid-term)

Week 6- The Big Red Spot (Jupiter and Saturn)

Week 7- The Beauties in Blue (Uranus and Neptune)

Week 8- I Wanna be a Planet! (Pluto)

Week 9- It All Comes Down to This (Course Review and Final)

Grading Criteria- 

No plagiarism will be accepted. Plagiarism will result in an automatic 1% on the said assignment. 

20%- Spelling and Grammar (If you have a LD or English is your second language (NES) please put this at the top of your assignment and you shall be graded accordingly)

15%- Word Requirement is met

5%- No identifying marks 

60%- Bulk of Essay and Requirements are Met. 


Class Rules-

  1. Unless I specifically allow you to bring your wands out please keep them stowed away. 
  2. No talking when i'm talking. 
  3. Be mindful of where you put your telescopes, you don't want them rolling off the tower. 
  4. No lights or candles are to be brought out onto the Astronomy tower.



Course content

  • What are Those Things up There?

  • The Sun Song

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