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Lou Teaching was recently founded, and it is the result of an encounter of professionals with common goals convinced that access to knowledge must not be elitist. We focus our attention to teaching companies, but we also target our offer to providing courses to a much wider audience. We can make a difference helping those students whose skills have kept them from getting that dream job. We are specialists in intermediate and upper intermediate levels. We do offer services for lower levels; however, we feel can deliver our best performance with intermediate and upper intermediate levels. Throughout our brief history we, have rendered our services to government and private institutions and helped a significant​ number of students to pass official English exams.

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Here you will find some tests to measure your level of English. It is important to understand that we are making an assessment on your grammar  We sincerely hope you like them, and most important of all is to have a clear idea of what your level is.  

In order to do so, you need to go to the task section. 

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