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Corporate Approach has been rendering linguistic services for more than 10 years. This company is the result of the gathering of a group of professors and professionals with very concrete goals convinced that imparting knowledge cannot be elitist. We are a group of very different professionals, who embrace the implementation of available technology to improve our level of knowledge, no matter what our country of origin or economic status. Passion for what we do and the firm conviction to change how teaching has been done since Victorian times is what truly moves us. This approach to prepare obedient people, and turn them into submissive employees without a voice of their own should be water under the bridge, but unfortunately the model has perpetuated. We want and are committed to breaking that paradigm. That is exactly what leads us to share our experiences.

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Juan Camilo Gaviria Restrepo
Departamento Sistemas y Telecomunicaciones
Alfonso Ghisays
Ricardo Ghisays


Here you will find some test to measure your level of English. We sincerely hope you like them, and most important of all is to have a clear idea of what your level is.  

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