Ashtanga Yoga Lifestyle - beginners

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Anniina Karvinen


I started my yoga journey in India, Kerala, where I also was lucky to live for about 4 years. Currently I study business in beautiful Finland and continue my yoga practise here. I love travelling, early morning fog, South Indian food and where ever I go, 2 things always travel with me: my yoga mat and my camera! Namaste :)


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This course starts on 1st of May 2014. It is an ongoing course, so enroll anytime you want. 

About this course

This course provides the student with the basic elements of ashtanga yoga, to start a journey towards more healthy, peaceful and conscious lifestyle. The course gives you instructions how to start developing the ashtanga yoga practice through postures, breath and other key elements of the traditional ashtanga yoga method.

The videos and material will give the student guidance, but the real work happens on the yoga mat at home. 




  1. Yoga who? Introduction to Ashtanga
  2. Breathing technique - the Ujjayi breath
  3. The bandhas - intro to the Uddiyana bandha and Moola bandha
  4. How to practise at home
  5. Sun Salutation A
  6. Sun Salutation B
  7. Standing postures
  8. Closing postures
  9. Tips for daily practise

Assessment criteria

The journey to the self and the observance of your own practice and being is the key to make most of this course.

Course duration

This course gives you tools to practice yoga at home as many times as you want eventually, slowly adding more and more postures and technique. Everyone has their own pace to practice yoga.

Course requirements

No previous experience is required. The postures will have beginners modifications. In case of some previous injury or a medical condition, take the necessary caution and consultation.

Course level


About the instructor

Namaste, my name is Anniina and was born in Finland. I lived in South India for 4 years and my ashtanga journey started there. When I attended my first ashtanga class I could not even touch my toes, but I was extremely hungry for a more healthy, focused and tension free me. Soon I felt a change happening and begun to find answers to questions I did not even realise I was asking. Yoga has been deeply transformative for me, for the body, mind and even the soul.  I have completed a RYT200 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher training in Kerala, India, 2013 and continue to study in Finland (and India). I have been teaching beginners classes and hope to inspire people to step on to the yoga mat and start the magical journey :)

Stay tuned with more information on my Facebook page.







Course content

  • Yoga who? Introduction to Ashtanga

  • Breathing technique - Ujjayi breathing

  • The bandhas - Uddiyana bandha and Moola bandha

  • How to practise at home

  • Sun Salutation A

  • Sun Salutation B

  • Closing postures & Savasana

  • Standing postures & backbending & finishing postures

  • Tips for daily practise

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