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Hello and welcome to the 'AS Maths Preparation' course!

The course is designed to help you before and during your AS Maths Course.

In each section there are videos to watch and questions to complete. The video will give you all the information you need to know to answer the questions. There are detailed solutions to all the questions too.

You can use the 'discussions' section of the course above to ask the other students questions, or if there are any problems with the content or with accessing anything you can email me at

Some of the topics may be less familiar than others - in particular, the idea of the differentiation and integration topics is to give those students who haven't seen it before a very basic look at the general idea, which will be built on when they start their AS level.

I have also provided reference page numbers to the C1C2 AS Pure Mathematics textbook so that you can refer to it for help/additional questions.

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