Aminimosparta Sadouk

Mr Abdallah Amin Terriche

A lecturer at Hassiba Ben Bouali University

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The course is intended for first year level undergraduate learners who sit for the course of articulatory phonetics at Hassiba Ben Bouali University. The course is built in a way to introduce basic notions of the English sound system such as vowels, consonants, syllables, and weak forms.

Course content

  • Curriculum

  • Course 1: Introduction to Phonetics

  • Course 2:  The English Sound System

  • Course 3: Speech Mechanism and Speech Organs

  • Course 4: Transcription Using the IPA

  • Course 5: The Description and Classification of English Consonants

  • Course 6: The Description and Classification of English Consonants

  • Course 7: The Description and Classification of Vowels

  • Course 8: The Cardinal Vowels

  • Course 9:  Syllables

  • Course 10: Weak Forms

  • Assignment 1: Teaching The English Sound System

  • Assignment 2: English Accents

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