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Welcome to Art Bridge II Online 

What is Art Bridge?

Art Shape has received generous funding from Arts Council England to run Art Bridge II: a program of creative development for artists who face disabling barriers and wish to develop or progress their artistic career, the programme begins on 20th April 2016 and finishes in December 2016. The course comprises of face-to-face sessions with studio time and an online course, which includes content from the studio sessions as well as additional content. 

The online course will:

  • Give you support to develop your creative practice through access to a mentor
  • Provide you with online resources and discussion groups
  • Provide you with Webinars and filmed artist talks from the studio sessions
  • Help you to build your online presence
  • Give you the opportunity to produce work for a themed touring exhibition
  • Allow you access to other online courses for your professional development
  • Help you to extend your professional networks

This online platform has been split into three sections; Art Techniques, Professional Practice, and Studio Content.

  • The Art Techniques content will give you tasks to help you build on your drawing skills and general artistic awareness, these tasks are based on techniques used in Art Foundation courses.
  • The Professional Practice section will provide you with information and resources to aid you in the transition towards becoming a professional artist.
  • The Studio Content will be directly linked to the face-to-face sessions, with content from our tutors, artist in residence and visiting artists leading workshops and talks. A lot of this content will be a video format as we film the studio sessions allowing you to experience the content in the same way as the studio participants. The Studio content will be uploaded in time with the face to face course so keep checking for updates. 


Accessing the Content

When you start on the online course you will be invited by email and will receive updates every time some new information is added, for example when your fellow students contribute to the discussion with a comment or new content is added. That way you can keep up to date with anything happening on the course.

If you are new to online learning, don't worry. It might take a bit of getting used to but your mentor and Art Shape staff will be regularly available to guide and support you. This course can be worked through at your own pace so there are no deadlines for completing tasks, however it is good to keep your momentum going once you start and we will help you by being in regular contact.

You will be able to become actively involved in a private online group where you can reflect on your work and engage with other students to share ideas and expand on your knowledge. This is done through the discussion section on this website, sometimes the tutor will pose questions to you and the other students- so keep checking this section!

We aim to make this course accessible to those facing barriers of any kind. If you need specific help, we will speak to you before beginning the course to identify how we can help you access the content and any other specific needs you may have.

What do I need to do this course?

  • Access to a computer (Eliademy is not supported on Internet Explorer and works best with Google Chrome) 
  • A scanner and/or a smart phone/camera
  • A variety of Art materials (Specific materials will be listed in the session content)


Site Navigation


This is where you can access the content for each week, in each weeks content you will find links to the tasks as well as printable versions.

Live sessions

Your tutors will schedule 'live sessions' this is where you can have private conversations with your tutor and group presentations from your tutor. You may need headphones and access to flash player.


This is where you can access all of the tasks for the course, they are broken down into session exercises. To submit a task simply write a comment or add a file at the bottom of the task page where it says answer here. If the task is asking you to contribute to a discussion simply write completed on the task page when you are done. You tutor will response with feedback when you have returned a task. 


In this section you can participate in discussions set up by your tutor. The Forums are broken down into session topics, you can also add a new discussion if you wish to talk to your fellow participants. 


Technical Support

For help navigating the site or if you have any questions regarding the course, contact the Art Shape Office:

Tel: 01452 863855 


Course content

Request invitation

Content of this course is available by invitation only. You can not access this course if you don't have an invitation from the course instructor.

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