Architecture and Construction Career Exploration


Andrea Larson


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Architecture and Construction Career Exploration Module 

Students will discuss and explore the career opportunities available in the Architecture and Construction cluster.  They will identify the three pathways through the cluster.  Students will explore careers in all three clusters, and design and build a shoebox model of a Tiny House while exploring these topics. 

Essential Question: 

What is involved in different pathways of the Architecture and Construction Cluster?


Module Schedule

Day One:  Overview of Architecture and Construction Cluster

  •  Presentation and Student Notes - place in Student Binder
  •  Pathway Activity - Review in class and place in Student Binder
  •  Vocabulary List - Bell Work of Day for next two weeks.   Presentation with words due to teacher on Day Ten.
  •  Preview Final Project Guidelines

Day Two: Architectural Design - Tiny House Planning

  •  Design and Preconstruction Phase
  •  Powerpoint - What are Tiny Houses?
  •  Design Plan for Tiny House

Day Three: Tiny Houses Inside and Out

  •  Create a list of themes to use inside/outside Tiny House - Group discussion
  •  Select Theme to use with their Tiny House
  •  Create a Design Chart with theme ideas

Day Four: Tiny Houses Budgeting

  •  Review Construction Manager Career
  •  Brainstorm - Necessities of Tiny House (Refridgerator, heater, Toilets, stoves sinks, etc....)
  •  List of Essentials for house
  •  Work as partners to price out Essentials for tiny house
  • Using price lists partners came up with - each student creates budget for their tiny house.

Day Five: Building Green, Construction Technology Pathway

  •  Review New Construction Technology Vocabulary
  • View webisode Planet Forward - Green Tiny Houses
  • Teams research different green building techniques
    • Plumbing (water reclamation, instant water heaters)
    • HVAC/Refrigeration: (Smart control panels)
    • Electrician: (Solar Panels)
    • Mill and Cabinet Making: (recycled wood and materials)
  • Teams report out,  student chooses one green building method to incorporate into design.
  • Create a collage of pictures showing green building method they will use.

Day Six: Self-Assessment Day

  •  Likes and Dislikes activity
  •  Quiz
  •  Review careers discussed
  •  Choose two Architecture and Construction Careers - research what it takes to follow this career with "How can I become A...?" activity

Day Seven: Pioneers and History

  •  Review Pioneers in Architecture and Construstion

Day Eight: In The News

  • Read or view current event article regarding Architecture and Construction
  • Complete current event report
  • Share report with cohort

Day Nine: Career Scavenger Hunt

  •  Students will choose three occupations under cluster and complete Career Scavenger Hunt Activity
  • Complete Tiny House build and Reflection

Day Ten: Portfolio Maintenance Day

  •  Presentation of Tiny House Project to Class
    •  Tiny House Floor Plan
      •   Interior Design
      •   Budget
      •   Green Building
  • Complete Module Reflection






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