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Alan Mendelevich has been developing software for a living for more than 15 years. He has been an active member of Windows Phone developer community since its inception. Alan has delivered talks on Windows Phone development, marketing and monetization at multiple events in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and UK. In early 2011 Alan launched AdDuplex – a cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and, now, Windows 8 applications. Via his involvement with AdDuplex and Windows Phone community in general, Alan was able to collect and analyze valuable information and insight about promotion and monetization techniques used by developers. He is happy to share the insights back with the community on his blogs at and, twitter @ailon and talks on the subjects of Windows Phone/Windows development, app marketing and monetization.

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Aurelien Lemoine
Ryan Groom


Short and sweet. Gets to the point with no fluff. I liked the sheep case study.


This course is a brief introduction to the AdDuplex network and will give you an overview how you can utilize AdDuplex as a part of your Windows 8 and Windows phone app promotion strategy.

Course contains

2 videos

Overview of the course syllabus

  • Overview of what is adDuplex and how it works.
  • How to get started with AdDuplex and small study to average  conversion rates with

In this course is to describe the AdDuplex concept and to help participants to add an ad control to an app.


AppCampus is a mobile application accelerator program managed by Aalto University in Espoo, Finland. This is an 18 million euro joint investment between Microsoft and Nokia to foster mobile application development on Windows Phone and any other Nokia platform.

Course content

  • What is AdDuplex?

  • Advertise on AdDuplex Network by adding ad control to your app

  • Case study - AdDuplex and Pocket Sheep

  • Summary

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