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Purpose of the course

  • To Get Introduced to the Latest Mobile Application Development Trends
  • To Identify the Prospects and Features of Android Platform compare to others (iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian etc.)
  • To Get Hands-on Experience and Expertise to Develop Android Applications.
  • To Create and Deploy Applications/Software for Users or Business Clients.
  • To Learn the Most Rapidly Growing Mobile/Smartphone and Tablet- based Software Development Platform.
  • To get Basic Idea and to Prepare ourselves about How to Adopt Upcoming Mobile Technologies (in the emerging field of Android)
  • And Definitely to start a career as a Mobile Application Developer.

General Course Outline

  • Introduction to Android and Mobile Devices
  • Setting up Development Environment
  • Application Architecture and Lifecycle
  • Java Language Basics and Syntax
  • Object Oriented Programming in Java
  • Vertical and Horizontal Libraries in Java
  • Object Oriented Principles and Practice
  • Building Android Applications
  • Android User Interface
  • Common Controls
  • Android Application Components: Activity, BroadcastListener, Service, Content Provider
  • Data Storage and Relational Database: SQLite
  • Maps, Geocoding and Location Based Services
  • Communication with Internet
  • RESTful Web Services
  • Working with Multimedia
  • Basic Game Development Concepts
  • Performance Tuning
  • Some More about Object Oriented Programming
  • Debugging, Testing & Deploying Android Applications (with Digital Signature)



  1. We’ll need at least basic understanding of how to program in Java/C#. Android programming is done using Java syntax, plus a class library that resembles a subset of the Java SE library (plus Android-specific extensions).
  2. We’ll need some basic OOP concept.

Course content

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