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In today's world businesses need to keep up with technology. As new technology emerges it is often hard to learn and expensive! Because of this many small business owners struggle to keep up and implement the new technology.

Today, having an online business presence that is mobile and can be accessed offline via mobile apps and different devices is very important for business. Think about it - most people have a mobile device within arms reach day and night, where ever they are. Never before have so many people world-wide been so reachable!

If you are in business then you need to be able to have a mobile presence for your business that your customers and prospective clients can literally tap into.

I have come across an easy-to-use non-coder mobile app platform that will allow anyone to build mobile apps for iphone, ipad, android, kindle and web apps. If you can send an email then you already possess most of the skills needed to create your own mobile app.


What You Will Learn 

  1. How to setup your app
  2. Add functions to that app such as contact form, tap to call links, video, audio, text, images, inapp purchases, and much, much more
  3. Use preexisting templates and modify them
  4. Create your own app from a blank page
  5. Include RSS feeds
  6. Add PDF's

and much more


  1. Internet connection
  2. A willingness to practice what you learn
  3. The ability to take action
  4. Although not required to start, you should at least have a Amazon Developer Account (which is free), a Google Developer Account ($25.00 once only) and later an Apple Developer Account ($99.00 annually)
  5. A reasonable idea of the type of app you would like to create and the functions you need it to have
  6. Access to images, text, video and other materials that are free of copyright, to use in your app.

Course content

  • How to set up your app

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