Another World Is Possible: Alternatives to Neoliberal Globalisation


Grian A. Cutanda

I'm a Spanish author, researcher, educator, psychologist, and social and environmental activist, but I've also worked on elite sport and media. In 2003 I founded The Avalon Project - Initiative for a Culture of Peace, an educational and activist NGO. Campaigns and mobilisations: Iraq War, Zero Poverty, and Indignados Protests. In Scotland, People's Climate March at Edinburgh and the climate change campaign in 2015. PhD cum laude in Social Education (University of Granada, Spain), BA and MA in Psychology, and a MA in Education. Escritor, investigador, educador, psicólogo y activista social y medioambiental. Autor del bestseller internacional "El jardinero" (Obelisco, 1996). Fundador en el año 2003 de The Avalon Project - Initiative for a Culture of Peace, una ONG educativa y activista. Doctorado cum laude en Educación Social (Universidad de Granada), Máster en Innovación e Investigación en Educación y una Licenciatura en Psicología.


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You will be part of an online learning community interested in a better understanding of the world and building a more just, peaceful and sustainable society.

    Through personal inquiry and collaborative critical analysis, you will learn about the current world situation and positive futures.


Course metrics

  • Notional learning hours: 40 to 50 hours
  • Duration: 8 weeks (5-6 hours per week), from 5th October to 27th November 2015
  • Level: Adult education (Welcome everyone, whatever their background)


What's it about?

This course is about critical thinking, so that you can analyse and assess our social, economic and political reality in an autonomous and independent way. This will make us less vulnerable to those manipulations that constantly bombard us from the media, making us responsible citizens committed to democratic values and the defence of common interest.


What will I learn?

In this course you will learn:

  • To critically analyse, question and understand our social and environmental reality
  • To assess emergencies, trends and risks on the current course of our civilisation
  • To develop an ecocentric and systemic worldview based on care for other human beings and life in general
  • Alternative approaches to the globalisation process in which we are immersed
  • To develop collaborative competencies in social and environmental responsibility and commitment
  • To develop an autonomous learning and work perspective


What is involved?

You will be part of a wide learning community composed of people from very different ages, backgrounds, abilities and qualifications, all of them interested in better understanding the world in which we live and do their part in building a more just, peaceful and sustainable society.

    The course will be offered as a micro open online course in which we will offer online resources for personal inquiry, collaborative analysis and learning on the current world situation, as well as on the new trends and visions about possible futures. This work will involve autonomous searching of materials and learning in order to collectively share and discuss the different approaches within our learning community.


What prerequisites would I have, if any?

Anyone over 16 is free to participate in this course. An internet connection and basic web browsing skills are recommended, along with the ability to create a blog and microblog account (instructions and self-study tutorials will be provided).


Who organises this course?

This course is organised by Workers' Educational Association - WEA Scotland, a charity which is the UK's largest voluntary sector provider of adult education. WEA was founded in 1903, and in 2013/2014 we delivered 9,700 part-time courses for over 74,000 students in England and Scotland with classes in almost every local authority area. We are also a founder member and supporter of the International Federation of Workers’ Educational Associations.

    The WEA mission is:

  • Raise educational aspirations
  • Bring great teaching and learning to local communities
  • Ensure there is always an opportunity for adults to return to learn
  • Develop educational opportunities for the most disadvantaged
  • Involve students and supporters as members to build an education movement for social purpose
  • Inspire students, teachers and members to become active citizens


We believe learning is for everyone and learning is for life. It helps people feel that anything is possible. It can be life-enhancing and life-changing – improving health, self-confidence and creating positive changes that ripple out from individuals to communities.



For more information, contact WEA Scotland:


Thanks to the City of Edinburgh Council, supporters of the WEA in Edinburgh since 1912.


How can I participate in this course?

To participate in the AWIP15 course, you have to register in advance in WEA Scotland. To do this, you can...

  1. Call to the number 0131 225 2580 (the UK's international dialling code is 44); or
  2. Send an email with your name, address, telephone number and e-mail, specifying that you want to be enrolled in the course "Another World Is Possible", to the following e-mail addresses: /; or
  3. Send a letter to WEA South East Scotland Office. 17 Gayfield Square. Edinburgh EH1 3NX


The fees for this course are:

  • Full price: £46
  • Concession: £23

Please note that concessionary rates are available only to people in receipt of income related state benefits in UK. Please contact us if you are eligible for a concessionary rate.


* Broga Hills Malaysia, by Taufuuu. License CC BY-NC, in 
* View of the Earth as photographed by the Apollo 8 astronauts in 1968. Source: NASA


This course is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - CC BY-NC-SA  

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