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Nurses are expected to participate in annual continuing competence activities as part of nursing practice standards. Nurses on 5AB also have an organizational obligation to maintain competence in certain activities and practices. To help facilitate this process, this learning management system (LMS) has been created.



The site will enable you to view what is required and allow you to record completion of the various requirements. A progress bar on the course home page tracks your progress.  Once an activity is complete a completion record can be submitted right on the site. When you complete all activities a certificate will be generated for you to download. 

Access to the site is by invitation only so the general public will not be able to view materials or activity on the site. 

How to use this site

This site is an alternative to the paper-based Education Log that is currently on the units. Choose whether you want to log your activities electronically or on paper.  You do not have to do both. 

On the left-hand side of the screen, you will find the a list of the various requirements. Under each heading is information about the requirement and a link to CCRS to access any learning modules. You will need to have your CCRS log in information. Log into CCRS and complete the activities. 

Once you have completed an activity, go to the bar at the top of the page and choose the "Tasks" tab.  Here you will record your activities. Each activity is under its own heading. Choose the activity and click on the link. Complete the task listed and submit. 

Once all activities are complete, you will be notified that a certificate of completion is available for download. Keep the certificate as evidence of your continuing competence. There is no need to submit anything to the CNE, as your activity will be recorded on the site. 

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