Julie LaCombe


I am a former classroom teacher and Gifted & Talented Specialist with 11 years experience.


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Students will research how animals live and survive in their ecosystem by interacting with the living and non-living elements of their environment.   These organisms undergo life processes and have structures that help them survive within their environments.  Students will examine the structures and functions of different species that help them live and survive such as hooves on prairie animals or webbed feet on aquatic animals.


Students will use various research methods to learn about animal adaptations and create a Power Point slide show with their research and will invent a new animal with specific adaptations.

Required Materials:

  • Internet Connection
  • Power Point

This lesson fulfills the following Texas TEKS:

Science, Grade 5 – 9.A.


Technology Applications-   b.1.A, b.1.B, b.1.C

                                         b.2.A, b.2.B, b.2.E, b.2.F






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