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In the 21st century, classroom is no more than limited to the four corners but rather a borderless dimension of learning through the help of technology such as the internet. In line with this, Physics course is not an exemption. Physics, a physical science, is a well known threat to high school students because of its high critical thinking requirement, mathematical equations and deep understanding. However, Physics is contrary to what students expect. Physics was crafted base on your observations. In basketball, for example, at your first shoot, you observed that the ball didn't reached the ring and so you exerted additional force to reach the ring. That simple observation is characterize in Physics. Your daily routine is govern by your observation and that observation was put in to science in the face of Physics. In general, this course would help you better understand your observation, help you formalize your curiosity and help you play your imagination.

1st Quarter
I. Language and Tools in Understanding Physics
        a. Physics and it's branches
        b. Scientific Method
        c. Scientific Measurements
                i. SI Units and Metric System
                ii. Conversion of Units
        d. Significant Figures and Scientific Notation
II. Vectors
        a. Scalar and vector
        b. Graphical Method
                i. Parallelogram Method
                ii. Polygon Method
        c. Analytical Method
                i. Component Method
III. Motion Along a Straight Line
        a. Motion and force (GROUP 1)
        b. Distance, Displacement and Frame of Reference (GROUP 2)
        c. Speed and Velocity (GROUP 3)
                i. average speed
                ii. average velocity 
                iii. instantanous velocity (optional)
        d. Acceleration (GROUP 4)
                i. average acceleration
                ii. instantanous acceleration (optional)
                iii. Equation of Motion with Constant Acceleration (GROUP 5 & 6)
    e. Free Falling Bodies (GROUP 7)
IV. Motion in Two or Three Dimensions
    f. Projectile Motion (GROUP 8)

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