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This is out syllabus:

Lesson 1: What is Ancient Greek?

Lesson 2: Why is Ancient Greek important to learn, and what is its


Lesson 3: Ancient Greek's connection to us?

Lesson 4: How does it effect?

Lesson 5: Review/Test

Lesson 6: Where did it come from? (The leader)

Lesson 7: Over the years

Lesson 8: Uses

Lesson 9: Review/Test


As you can see, we are learning some history as well. In this class you WILL learn history AND the alphabet, but we save the alphabet for 2 year. Although we will learn about the alphabet and its uses, we will not learn the actual alphabet until year 2. Ancient Greece was a fascinating place and it's history is quite crucial to us. Most of the history we will learn in your later years. So far this is what our years together are going to look like:

Year 1: About Ancient Greek Language

Year 2: The Ancient Greek Language

Year 3: The Ancient Greek Language Continued

Year 4: The Ancient Greek Language Continued

Year 5: Ancient Greece History

Year 6: Ancient Greece History Continued

Year 7:

Year 8:

Year 9:

Year 10:




Course content

  • What is Ancient Greek (The Language)

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