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Welcome, Demigods, to the Ancient Greek course of Camp Half-Blood United! (from now on, referred to as "CHBU")

This year, I will teach you what the Greek language is, what it's used for and other important knowledge. Of course, you will also learn the Greek alphabet and a few words. I will teach you the language using myths, so I deeply suggest that you also follow this course; It's a course by Edmund Fields and it belongs to CHBU as well.


This is our upcoming syllabus:

Lesson 1: History of the language: What is Ancient Greek?

Lesson 2: History of the language: Where did it come from?

Lesson 3: History of the language: How has it developed?

Lesson 4: History of the language: How does it affect us?

Lesson 5: Review/Test

Lesson 5: Grammar: First introduction of the alphabet!

Lesson 6: Grammar: What is the structure of the language?

Lesson 7: Grammar: More about the alphabet

Lesson 9: Review/Test

If you have any questions or wish to tell me something, you can always contact me at I'll answer as soon as possible.


This is a course that belongs to, a fan-site for the Percy Jackson series. If you would like to join, you can enroll here


Course content

  • Lesson 1: HotL: What is Ancient Greek?

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