Cassie Gosselin

Mrs. Cassie Gosselin

I am a high school science teacher. I taught in the middle school for 3 years as a Special Educator, and 12 years as a science teacher. I have earned my bachelors in Biology, my Masters in Science Education, and my CAGS in Special Education and Reading.


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Introduction to Anatomy 101

This course will take an introductory look at the human anatomy and physiology with an emphasis on the human organ systems. This course will be aimed at the student wishing to take a half year of science required to get an high school degree.  Attention will be given to the relationship between form and function, health an balance between organs systems.  Students will gain an appreciation for the systems of the body and their role in maintaining health and wellness.


Skill Objectives:

1. Comunicate through written and oral communication
2. Employ Strategic reading strategies
3. Use technology
4. Collaborate
5. Research
6. Solve problems

Course Standards:

Mission and Values:

Cast UDL:

Course Syllabus

Accommodations document of compliance:

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Course Introductions
How to navigate the Google Online Anatomy course.

All learning and assignments for the Introduction to Anatomy 101 course will be completed on-line. I will be available to you via e-mail, on-line thru course discussions.

Course Sessions: This course will be divided into seven sessions. Students are required to complete all learning activities assigned in each section. Each session will be made available to students for a period of two weeks.

  • Session Introduction will include PowerPoint Presentation and a student outline  copy to be completed.
  • Weekly Sessions will include readings of chapters assigned and a copy of a guided reading outline to be completed.

Weekly session discussions will require:

1. respond to prompt given

2. respond to posted questions regarding the reading.

3. respond to two other participants

Assignments: All assignments are listed at the task bar. Students are required to complete assignments as outlined and should not complete them out of sequence.

Feedback: I will provide feedback to you via e-mail and through X2 Aspen System or via email, upon completing various assignments.

Course Introduction by Mrs. Gosselin



Access to a ebook "Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology", by Martini/Bartholomew 6e



Book Web Site: this is an additional book available for your online test/quizzes


X2 Website to access your grades:

(your user name and password are the same as your school email account)

Grading Criteria:


Study guide: this site has many suggestions on how to study



Join this twitter site and I will inform you of important upcoming events in Anatomy. (Reminders for test, quizzes, etc.)



If at any moment throughout the school year, a parent/guardian would like to discuss his/her child, please contact me using one or more of the following methods:


Telephone      781-337-7500, ext. 2010        (Weymouth High School)


Post Course Survey:

After completing this course please take a minute to complete this survey of the Virtual Anatomy Class.

Mrs. Gosselin, Science Teacher


Copyright Statement: Any work uploaded is used within the "fair use" law and or within the TEACH Act



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