An Introduction to Online Courses for Students of Law


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This Short Online Course will introduce you on how to use this online education tool in preparation for other online courses that I may create and that may help you in your preparation for the bar exams.  This platform is very user-friendly.  Be at liberty to explore this Course and on how to use it. You can also create your own online course.  Assignment and quizzes will be given and they will be graded.  You can ask in the discussion board questions that you may want to ask regarding how this online course function.  If you desire to introduce yourself or give any comment, you may also post them in the discussion board/forum


All tasks, assignments, quizzes must be submitted before the course ends.


Endeavor to finish the course and be graded!


While waiting for the lessons to be opened, you may explore the features of this course.


Welcome to this Course and it is hoped that you may enjoy and appreciate it. 

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