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Course description
In this course, you will learn that not all ants are the same, as people tend to think. Even in your yard you can find at least a couple of different species. In the course, you will learn that there are more than 12000 species of ants in the world. All animals on this planet, including you, are likely to encounter ants at some stage because of their abundance. In this course, you will learn why they are so abundant and why they are important for our planet. You will also learn that only few ants are pests and when they become such. You will also explore how ants communicate, how they build their nests and much more. The second part of this course is a practical work. In this part, we will use a standardised ant sampling method in order to explore ant importance in your local environment. 


Who should attend?
This course is aimed to anyone with a keen interest in learning about ants. 

Online lectures, teacher's material and a field study.

Assessment criteria
Lecture material online and homework, planning of a fieldwork and independent fieldwork, a report on a practical work. No physical meetings.

About the teacher
Silvija Budaviciute is a researcher at the University of Helsinki, Finland. She is a keen entomologist herself. She has graduated from The Ant Course 2010 Borneo, organised by California Academy of Sciences, USA. In her doctoral work, she is exploring the importance of ant communities in tropical ecosystems.
Course starts 3rd May 2013 and ends 30th June 2013.



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