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I am Jose Ramon Ramirez Sanchez. I'm Dominican. I am an instructor of English, ISO Auditor and an expert on American phonetics. I have been working as an English teacher for 15 years and I also taught Math, Science, Technology, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, and English Phonetics. I have worked in several institutes, business school, private schools and NGOs based on blended and virtual classes. I am an essayist. Currently, I serve as academic director of the FUNDACION JOVENES POR EL PROGRESO, Inc. (FUNJPERO) and AM Business School. I am also co-creator of the English project (Based on Virtual and Blended mode), called '' ENGLISH FOR ALL '' at Funjepro, the English project for people with disabilities called '' ALL OF US ARE THE SAME '' (Sponsored by FUNDACION NUEVA REALIDAD -Parque Cibernético of Santo Domingo, CIMUDIS, ADERESIRD and ASODIMO), the Phonetics project, called: AMERICAN ACCENT TRAINING.

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Speak correctly and fluently English is one of the most complex challenges for Spanish speakers. The pronunciation is essential to speak English well. This free course is aimed at students of all levels and aims to help you speak English by speaking clearly, effectively and appropriately. All lessons have explanations and examples with audio. This workshop shows an introduction to the theory and practice of articulatory phonetics. With this workshop you will be able to develop your ability to recognize, define, produce and transcribe a wide range of sounds used in the American and British English.To achieve these objectives, we present examples from the different accents of English language and with them, we do intense exercises with increasing degree of difficulty.

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