America and the Americans (starts on the 1.09.2013)


Viktoryia Naumavets



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Course description

This course is designed as an elective course in the frames of the subject "Foreign language" at the 10-11 grades of secondary school, but can be used by everyone who wants to improve his/her English with specific focus on the USA studies.

Learning objectives/outcomes

Formation of knowledge about the USA, development of multicultural personalities among students and participants of the course.


Texts, videos, presentations, tests or questions.
Assessment criteria

The completing of the course is based on fulfilling Individual tasks, quizzes and creating a final project (all the tasks and the final project should be posted on discussion forum until their deadlines). 50 % of the final grades - individual tasks during the course and the rest 50 % - project grade. Grade scale is from 0 till 10.  

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