Nicole Holdman

Nicole Holdman


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Amaanah Refugee Service’s mission is to assist refugees with their integration into society.  Amaanah prides itself in providing after- school education with partnering school districts, who instruct refugee students, as one of its many community initiatives. This training course was developed to provide general background knowledge and understanding to after-school program volunteers. In this session volunteers will learn more about the history of Amaanah, the populations it serves, and the general structure of the after-school program

Course content

  • Who is a refugee?

  • Who decides who is a refugee?

  • Which refugees are eligible for U.S. resettlement?

  • Which family members may accompany a refugee to the United States?

  • How are refugees prepared for U.S.  resettlement?

  • Where do refugees live in the United States and who helps them resettle?

  • After-School Students and Familes

  • Program Structure

  • Amaanah Volunteers

  • Learn More About Refugees

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