Jimmy Shay Lester

Coalfield University

This year is my seventh year teaching in McDowell County School system. My Bachelors Degree in Elementary/ Secondary Education and Bachelor in Criminal Justice in Forensic Science is from the American InterContinental University, and my Masters Degree in Adult Education is from University of Phoenix. In November of 2009, I received my National Board Certification as a Middle Child Generalist through the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards.


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Core Algebra 1 synthesizes guided practice worksheets with video instruction and multilevel online followup exams. Today's student is so immersed in computer and internet technologies that most do not learn efficiently from the old style school methods of reading the textbook and taking notes in class. They are accustomed to utilizing the internet as a media for socialization and study which provides instantaneous feedback.  We present the core concepts of Algebra 1 in a medium that todays student is familiar with.

This course is designed for:

  • Current Algebra 1 students needing extra practice or to prestudy lessons.
  • Homeschool Algebra 1 students who need guided practice.
  • Review for Algebra 2 students.
  • College Algebra 1 students needing review.
  • Parents who want to review Algebra 1 to assist their children.

Course content

  • Unit One - Section 1,2

  • Unit Two - Section 1.2.3

  • Unit Three - Section 1.2.3

  • Unit Four - Section 1.2.3

  • Unit Five - Section 1.2.

  • Unit Six - Section 1.2.3.

  • Unit Seven - Section

  • Unit Eight - Section 1.2.3

  • Unit Nine - Section 1.2.3

  • Unit Ten - Section

  • Unit Eleven - Section

  • Unit Twelve - Section

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