Albert Park College Catch-Up Work: Da Vinci Program Preparation


Lachlan BLACK


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This course is designed to help you through the process of preparing for the Da Vinci Program in 2017. If you need information on each subject, you can use the tabs found towards the right-hand side of the text. You can find assignments under the "tasks" tab above this text. We are here to help each other excel in high school and get the highest grade possible in the Da Vinci Program. You can find links to the appropriate portal pages under each class tab. If you need instructions on how to enrol in this program please send an email here. If you're ever stuck on a task or need some help, just send this email.... Hopefully by the end of the year, we will be getting A's in our reports! Using this program, I can:

  • Email Every Member of The Group
  • Grade and Give Feedback on Individual Assignments
  • Keep a Record Of Every Submission
  • Return Submissions with Feedback for further improvements

Using this program, you can:

  • View your submission history
  • Get an email notification every time an assignment is created, graded or returned.
  • Read feedback sent from me
  • Participate in discussions (tab found above this text)
  • Submit text assignments
  • Submit images 
  • Complete quizzes assigned to you

I hope you enjoy this course and shout-out if you need any help!


Course content

  • Big Ideas In History

  • English

  • Maths

  • Big Ideas In Science

  • General Da Vinci Portal Page

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