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Arabic and Islamic Studies Coordinator

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shumari shinte
This course is totally devoted to the study of Women's responsibility and ability to become Leaders as revealed in the Holy Qu'ran & in the example of Prophet Muhammad's in his Sunnahs. The syllabus is developed to get the student to look at the whole of humanity and the importance of the role of women in the world as Leaders


The purpose of the course is to prepare women for leadership in the community. Allah (تعلى) says in the Quran, “And those who say, Our Lord grant us spouses and children who are the comfort of our eyes, and make us Leaders of the righteous.”  Prophet Muhammad (صلى  اللة علية و سلم) said; “Everyone of you is a shepherd and will be questioned about your flock.”

Women have a flock and a responsibility of leadership.  Our community needs more Imams, activists, civic leaders, business persons and project managers. Some of the courses included in the training are:

  • Working Knowledge of 5 pillars/6 articles of faith 

  • Examples of Qur’anic Leadership

  • Reading, Writing, Translation of Salaat 

  • Qur’anic Memorization (minimum 25 Surah) 

  • Intermediate-advanced Arabic Grammar 

  • Insights into the Life of Muhammad for Today’s Leaders 

  • Critical Thinking Skills in Leadership 

  • Conflict Resolution/Managing Criticism 

  • Tafseer of Quran 

  • Effective Public Speaking

  • Extensive studies of Hadith and Fiqh

  • Introduction to Islamic Law & Jurisprudence

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