Scott Hembruff

W-EMT, Instructor

Scott is the Operations Manager and Chief Training Instructor for The Highlands Wilderness Training Institute, In addition to being an avid angler and an experienced boater with many years of experience under his belt, A past member of a local Volunteer Fire Department, possessing a strong background in the emergency services/ rescue and medical field. In addition Scott is a licensed commercial pilot with experience flying floatplanes around the North. Holder of The Royal Life Saving Society Bronze Medallion & Bronze Cross. PADI Open Water Scuba Diver. And recipient of two Central East Base Hospital “Lightning Bolt Awards” for being involved in the successful resuscitation of 2 Cardiac Arrest Victims. A previous member of the Canadian Civil Air Search & Rescue based out of Yellowknife NWT and the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.


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This course is being offered as a joint partnership between Seneca College's School Of Aviation and The Highlands Wilderness Training Institute

Prerequisites: None
This is a Two part program which is made up of 2 parts.
Part 1 is an online pre-study package which focuses on the theory of survival. This material can also be offered in a lecture format for companies or groups at your location.
Part 2 is a hands on in person session of practical Skills in a field training location. This course is taught by a Licensed Commercial Pilot with Search & Rescue Experience. A former SAR spotter, who better to teach you then the person who used to be the one looking for you. We will equip you to survive.

  • The aircraft is down, now what?
  • Emergency landings take place in remote areas in every type of terrain and during every season of the year. How prepared are you?
  • As a pilot or crew member what you know and the emergency equipment you have available may save your life and the lives of others who are with you.


Course Instructor

Scott Hembruff W-Emt, CPL


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