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COMPASS provides the capability to reserve multiple hotel rooms for one related group. Many organizations send multiple individuals to a single meeting. A group reservation in COMPASS would be comprised of these individuals, which we refer to as group members.

When an agent receives a request for two or more rooms, the agent would utilize the Group functionality to reserve the rooms. The individual reserving the rooms is often referred to as the group manager. The group manager can control many aspects of the reservations after an agent initially establishes the group, by accessing the records through the confirmation and logging into the external system. It is important to note that the group manager could have also reserved rooms through the website themselves, without any assistance. 

There is a great deal of power behind the group functionality of COMPASS. 

• A group manager can assign multiple payment methods across the group members. Each individual could have their own credit card applied for their reservation.

• Each group member can have unique personal information maintained or may utilize the group information.

• The arrival and departure patterns of each group member can vary.

• A group member can modify their individual record and reserve additional room nights outside of the group control.

• A group confirmation can be sent to the group manager. And if individual emails are provided, the individual group members can also receive their own confirmation.

Group Options: 

• Group Roster     Group manager can reserve rooms through an agent or online themselves, log into the external system, download a Group Roster, make Name, Email, Credit Card, Share with, Requests changes. Then Save and upload the new list back through that same portal. 

  • Group RSVP   It's like evite Compass style.
    • Group Mgr can customize a message to send out to everyone that needs to attend.
    • EGA/AE should help by suggesting important deadlines within that custom message (ie: Deadline to make Reservations, are they supposed to provide cc# at check in? Etc.)
    • The EGA/AE should also suggest that rooms be reserved over many various Arr/Dep dates. This way Group Members have different Arr/Dep date options. (Group Members don't have the ability to change Arr/Dep dates until after they've completed their reservation and are at the Dashboard)
    • Group RSVP can be arranged after a group has already confirmed rooms, or before. 
    • It's important that the EGA/AE communicate to the Group Mgr that if any of the group members cancel their reservation(unless block is arranged with EGA/AE in advance) the room will revert back into general sale. (If Group Manager doesn't wan group members to cxl, she/he should include that in emailed message to Group Members. He/She could ask Group Members to contact Group Mgr directly if they want to cancel. 
    • If a separate block is created, then the room will return to that block, and thus be for that group. (Not recommended for hotels with Attrition, unless you're going to have them sign a usage contract) 

Many other housing software providers claim to have group functionality but none compare to the power and flexibility of COMPASS. Review below how an agent can utilize this power.




Course content

  • Group Information

  • Housing

  • Payment

  • Group Changes: Names, Dates, Payment, Cancel

  • Optional Information

  • Group Roster

  • Finish & Confirm

  • Group Import

  • Resetting Passwords for Individuals and Groups

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