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Congratulations on choosing to refine your skills in multimedia! Based on acceptance into this course, you have already had some experience in multimedia. Whenever people have experience in doing something and want to learn more, they are choosing to refine their skills.


In the Bible story of Joseph, which was made into the movie, Joseph: King of Dreams, Joseph had to move to a new country and learn new things. However, he used the knowledge and skills he had already and applied it in his new positions. The Bible says he was successful in all he did. God made him successful. 

God gives every person talents and abilities. He wants us to refine our talents and abilities by adding to our knowledge, studying, and working. He gave us our talents and abilities to help others. In the work of multimedia, we help others by sharing information through different forms of media. In this learning experience, we will be creating a book trailer, which will tell your audience about a book, using a short movie. 




Students will demonstrate the knowledge, understanding, and application of the fundamentals of digital editing by participation in assigned activities, discussions, and the implementation of basic skills in the production of a movie trailer.

Materials Needed
- Computer access
- Internet access
- Notebook
- 3-ring binder

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