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9th-12th College Prep.Grade ADVISORY SYLLABUS


 Overview: The mission of the 9th-12th Grade @ Citrus Hill College Prep High School is to receive all incoming freshmen and Sophmores,Juniors,and Seniors  establish each student as a part of our community of learners. Throughout this critical year, we will help our freshmen explore their own interests, strengths, and learning styles while introducing them to the opportunities that await them during their high school years and beyond. By the end of their freshmen year, our students will have the information they need to work with you, the parent or guardian, in selecting a Northridge Academy High School small learning community to enter for their remaining high school years. Advisory: Advisory is NOT homeroom. It is much more than that! It is an opportunity to “learn about learning”, to build relationships with peers and with adults, and to develop skills that will help the student have a successful high school career. Advisories meet every day for approximately 30 minutes. During this time, students learn more about high school life, about the culture of NAHS, and about strategies and habits of mind that will lead to academic success. Students will receive a letter grade for Advisory as well as one graduation credit per semester. Academy Activities: All freshmen at NAHS experience many enriching activities during this first year of high school. These activities include one walking tour of CSUN per semester; orientation to, and use of, the CSUN Oviatt Library; Link Crew Orientation and follow-up activities; introduction to service learning; Senior-Freshmen mentoring activities; and a variety of surveys that allow students to identify their interests and communication styles. Learning Tools: Please assist your student by ensuring that he/she is using the schoolissued agenda planner and our schoolwide homework website – Also know that all NAHS students are expected to create a Senior Portfolio prior to graduation, so please assist us in collecting samples of your student’s work that represents his/her best and most meaningful efforts. Each student will be given a blue expandable portfolio folder that is kept in the advisory classroom to keep and organize artifacts for the senior portfolio. Support Team: If you have specific concerns about your student’s progress in school, feel free to contact his/her freshman counselor, Mrs. Francisca Ortega, or myself as your child’s advisory teacher. If you have questions about academy-wide activities, you can also contact me as I am also the 9th Grade Bridge Academy facilitator. The school telephone number is 818-700-2222. Materials to be brought to class daily: 1. NAHS Agenda Planner 2. Writing tools 3. Materials needed for your next period class Grading: The following components will determine the academic grade in Advisory: • Homework 10% • Classwork/Participation 50% • Journaling 20% • Agenda Planner 20% Homework is comprised of getting handouts, notices, and official documents in on time and signed by the parent. Occasionally a project may need to be completed at home. Classwork/Performance includes attendance, participation in discussions and activities, and participation in the service learning project. Portfolio: Students will begin their NAHS portfolio which they will continue to work on their entire four years. Grading will consist of verification that the portfolio artifacts that are done during 9th grade are complete and properly organized in the student’s blue portfolio folder. Agenda Planner: Students will be given a NAHS Agenda Planner at no cost for use in organizing and tracking school activities and school assignments. It is expected that each student will bring the planner to every class each day to record assignments. Grading will consist of weekly checks each Wednesday to ensure that the planner is being appropriately used. Lost agenda planners can be replaced by purchasing a new one at the student store. The Work habits grade is based on a point system. At the beginning of each 5-week reporting period, each student starts with 100 points. Points are deducted based on the following: Work Habits • Unexcused Tardy -10 pts • Excess use of Hall Pass -5 pts • Missing or late homework assignment -5 pts • Lack of participation or effort in group projects or assignments -5 pts Grades will be given based on the following: A 90% and higher Work Habits: B 80% to 89% E 90 pts and above C 70% to 79% S 70-89 points D 60% to 69% U 69 pts and below F 59% and below Note: Three unexcused tardies = automatic “U” Class Rules: • School rules will be enforced: - No gum, food, or drinks other than water. - No hats, hoods or sunglasses in class. Appropriate dress required. - No cell phones or other electronic equipment • Behavior conducive to a learning environment is required at all times. • Electronic equipment (cell phones, I-pods, video game players, etc.) or cameras that are used in class WILL BE CONFISCATED and a parent will have to pick it up. • A referral to the office or a class suspension due to inappropriate behavior will result an automatic “U” in cooperation. • Each student is only allowed three (3) uses of the classroom hall pass per semester for locker, restroom, or water break. I do keep track, so use the pass only when necessary. Subsequent uses of the hall pass will result in Work Habit point deductions. Please contact me by calling the school at (818) 700-2222 or by sending me an e-mail at if you have any questions or concerns. ----------------------------------------------------------- Please detach this portion and return with signatures: Acknowledgment: Student Name: ____________________________________ Period: ______ Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________ Relationship: ________ Parent E-mail address: __________________________ Phone: ____________ We have read this syllabus and together have discussed pertinent information in order to ensure a successful semester in Advisory. Parents/Guardian Signature: _____________________________ Student Signature: ______________________________ 


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