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Advice Awareness

Introducing Advice Awareness:

This course on Advice Awareness is brought to you by Advice North Somerset.

Look at our website for the Advice Directory for North Somerset, and information, training and news: Advice North Somerset (Links to an external site.)


What you will learn:

The course objectives are:

• identify legal issues and categories of advice
• describe barriers to getting advice and information and strategies to overcome them
• evaluate when clients urgently need advice and information is not enough
• suggest a range of local and national advice resources to signpost clients seeking advice in different areas

What you need to do the course:

You will need access to the internet.

The course will take between one hour and two hours to complete.


How to navigate the course:

There are different stages of the course which take you through information, discussion and quizzes to build your knowledge about Advice Awareness.

Course content

  • Introducing Advice Awareness

  • What kind of problem is it?

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