Megan Karas

CTE Teacher

This will be my second year teaching at Kelso High School. I graduated from the University of Idaho in 2012 with my B.S. in Business & Marketing Technology Education. The courses that I will be teaching this year include: - Yearbook - Video Production - Advertising & Graphic Design - IT Academy - Tech Tools - Web Design


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During this course you will get to explore the exciting careers of advertising and graphic design together, as these two courses are combined. You will learn the fundamentals of advertising and how to produce advertisements by using graphic design principles and software.

Prerequisites: This is an introductory course, no prior knowledge of advertising or graphic design is necessary to be successful in this course. It is highly recommended that you have some basic computer skills in order to be successful. 

Course content

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  • Course Outline

  • Unit #1: Introduction to Advertising - The Power of Persuasion

  • Unit #1: Introduction to Advertising - Urban Legends - Fact or Fiction

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